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Children's book about Lettice who can communicate with her pets. She discovers why dogs stare at, and bark at nothing and cats have 'mad moments'.
A bit of a copout ending though. BookCrossed
Never one of my favourites as a child and I can sort of see whyFisk's previous forays into scifi inflected horror (Grinny) and even his more outré experiments with genre and style (Trillions) gave you something, or someone, to guide you through the story; whatever their twists and turns his stories led to a (more or less) happy ending and were seen through the eyes of a young protagonist with whom certainly little James Lark could identify.

'On the Flip Side' chucks all such comforting features out of the window. Well, there's Lettice, the oddlynamed (and odd) 12yearold girl who seems to be at the heart of the story. Only she's not, reallyand we're introduced to her by an older brother who seems much more 'relatable' and can't stand her. Fisk's brilliance at creating characters is on display as usual, but the adults are just as well drawn as the children and none of them is in any control of the situation that unfolds.

That situation starts off as a Wyndhamesque, gently unsettling tale of communication with animals and an unseen 'other' lurking in the house. But even the comforting familiarity of this style gives way, with unexpected violence, to a Bmovie scenario. It would be ridiculous, except that Fisk crafts his chain of events so carefully that it creeps up on you with startling authenticity, and his showdon'ttell (or occasionally, telljustabit) school of horror is genuinely disturbing.

What happens next is even more unexpected, with a sidestep into science fantasy and an ending that resolutely refuses to provide all the answers. An intelligent young reader will fill in the gaps, but as an adult I'm struck by how cleverly ambiguous the last couple of chapters are, suggesting causes and effects and tying in themes that have, it turns out, been running through the whole book, whilst realising that kids will come up with their own ideas given enough space.

It's a tremendously ambitious piece of writing for such a slim volume, and objectively a huge leap forward from some of Fisk's earlier books. I was young when I last picked it up, and no wonder I didn't instantly take to itit almost seems designed to challenge every assumption a young reader may have about literaturebut this one's a keeper. Apart from anything else, its themes are still relevant, if not more than ever. The chapters of desperate attempts at selfsufficiency and social breakdown must have felt prescient to those living with the nuclear anxiety of the early 80s, but I read them as the UK government refused to rule out a 'no deal' Brexit scenario, and the story subtly addresses the issue of food sustainability, far more urgent to a 21st century readership than it would have been on its release. As always, I am left feeling sad that a writer whose qualities are even now revealing themselves is so little available, and you won't find a recent edition of this onebut it's well worthing hunting for in everry second hand bookshop. Read this ( it's a short story ) because Tim Guest mentioned it in both his books. ( Very strange ) On The Flip Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisAs For Go Away On The Flip, This Fearsome Breaks Killer Cut With Slow Down Tempo Offers Lots Of Tonalities, From Unhealthy Distortions To Parasite Echo Passing Through Abstract Melodies Quant Go Away En Face B , Cette Redoutable Tuerie Breaks Au Tempo Ralenti Offre Une Foultitude De Tonalits Mlant Distorsions Malsaines, Chos Parasites Et Mlodies Abstraites Traduction On The Flip Franais Dictionnaire Anglaistraduction On The Flip Dans Le Dictionnaire Anglais Francais De Reverso, Voir Aussi Flip Chart ,flip Over ,flip Side ,flip Through , Conjugaison, Expressions Idiomatiques On The Flip On The Flip Leverages The Power Of Narrative Storytelling To Lift Up The Hidden Diversity Of Our Community And Create A Space In Which We Collectively Challenge How We Define Race And How Race Defines Us By Weaving Our Experiences Into Stories We Share Publicly, We Provide An Opportunity For Individuals To Be Seen And Heard Across Lines Of Race And Ethnicity, As Well As Personal And Group Identity Together, We On The Flip Side Idioms By The Free Dictionary Looking At A Different Or Opposite Aspect, Possibility, Or Result Associated With Something I Ll Have To Work Really Long Hours And Be Away From My Family For Long Stretches Of Time, But, On The Flip Side, I Ll Get The Opportunity To Travel Around The World See Also Flip, On, Side Flip Traduction Franaise Linguee On The Flip Side Of Discipline, It S Vital To Praise Children And Give Them Attention When They Do Something Good Lesenfantsavanttout En Rciproque La Discipline, Il Est Primordial De Fliciter Les Enfants Et De Leur Accorder De L Attention Quand Ils Font Quelque Chose De Bien Flip English French Dictionary WordReference Flip Sth Vtr Transitive Verb Verb Taking A Direct Object For Example, Say Something She Found The Cat Pancake, Coin Toss Une Crpe Faire Sauter Vtr Verbe Transitif Verbe Qui S Utilise Avec Un Complment D Objet Direct COD Ex J Cris Une Lettre Elle A Retrouv Son Chat Une Pice De Monnaie Flip On Traduction Franaise Linguee Flip Open The Extension On The Output Tray So It Is Fully Extended Xeroxscanner Dpliez L Extension Du Bac De Sortie De Faon Ce Qu Il Soit Totalement Dploy Traduction Flip Franais Dictionnaire Anglais Reverso Traduction Flip Dans Le Dictionnaire Anglais Francais De Reverso, Voir Aussi Flip Chart ,flip Over ,flip Side ,flip Through , Conjugaison, Expressions Idiomatiques