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I opened the book not expecting too much, but was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful and vibrant collection of artwork from the earliest days through to the production screenshots itself The text describing what happens in the film scenes, with their vivid imagery and words I would strongly recommend this beautiful book to anyone who loves animation in general, seeing what went on behind the scenes, so to speak, and those who have loved or still love The Lion King. This is the LARGE 10.5 x 13 version of The Art of the Lion King In principle, it is the same as the Disney Miniature edition The Art of the Lion King In content, there are some differences, summed up by saying that the Large edition simply has room forcontent than the Miniature edition One benefit to the Large edition is that the images all include short captions and artist credits, which isn t necessary for appreciating the artwork, but is useful for some people aspiring animators, for example Comparison of the Tables of Content Miniature Foreword p.18Act One p.25Act Two p 105Act Three p 155Large Foreword p.18Act One p.21Act Two p.95Act Three p 137Afterword p 165Both editions share some beautiful artwork, and a poetic narrative throughout, that takes the reader through this timeless story An excellent book for fans of the movie and collectors, though copies in good condition are getting harder to find. Imagine Shakespeare S Hamlet Reborn As A Lion Cub, And You Have The Exciting Lead Character Of Disney S Breathtaking New Animated Film The Lion King Filled With Lush Full Color Artwork Plus Gatefolds And A Text That Retells The Tale, This Lavish Book Is A Beautiful Keepsake Of An Unforgettable Film Experience Foreword By James Earl Jones The Voice Of Mufasa, Simba S Father In The Film Quick short recall if the story Begin with this and then watch the movie. This is by far my favorite Disney The Art of book from the handful that I have read so far The Lion King was a staple in my home growing up My brother and I would watch the film sometimes three times a day for days and days in a row It is obviously one of my favorites This book is brilliant The concept art and story boards are phenomenal What stood out to me the most were the many pastel drawings I actually feel silly calling them drawings for lack of a better word because they are very beautiful The landscapes and animal concepts done in pastels by Chris Sanders and Richard Sluiter are my favorite The line drawings are very impressive as well Even the font in this book is very pleasing to the eye I think I would give this bookthan 5 stars if that was an option. For such a simple little volume, this collection of artwork from the Lion King does a wonderful job of bringing back the magic of the film It has a well balanced selection of different styles, from rough sketches to finished animation stills with a few selections of concept artwork, that tell the emotional story much better than would be done by a restriction to finished animation Lots of the Disney stories were transfered into book format this way successfully, but the wild setting of the Savannah and the nature of the lion pride is perfectly suited to something a little less polished Clearly the images were chosen with care, since the choice of art style often evokes a certain mood from the film itself that is tied up inthan just imagery I found myself remembering snatches of the soundtrack and the unique tones of characters voices Jeremy Irons Scar or the drumbeats that accompany Simba up Pride Rock especially , so I might have to go watch the film again soon, This version of The Art of the Lion King is one of the Disney Miniatures imprints The book is about 1 6th the size of a sheet of paper, although still contains much of the same material as it s larger counterpart.It tells the story of The Lion King through movie stills, layouts, and concept art, with a very poetic narrative in script tying the sequences together An introduction by James Earl Jones voice of Mufasa , makes you appreciate the value that choosing great voice actors gives to an animated movie This book has gotten to be hard to find, however, so if you come across it at any used bookstores, I highly recommend that TLK fans buy it. Az elm lt p r v anim ci r l sz l k nyveihez k pest el g b na Alig van benne sz veg, ami van, az is semmitmond mintha 10 v alatti c lk z ns gnek k sz lt volna , s rajzokb l is csak keveset mutatnak, azok is rosszul vannak kiv logatva Karakterdiz jnr l, karakterfejleszt sr l alig r valamit, az gy k sz lt youtube os vide kb l t bbet meg lehet tudni Tanulni egy ltal n nem lehet bel le, az Oroszl nkir ly fanoknak esetleg rdekes lehet. A good, solid coffee table style book about the making of the Lion King, with storyboard and still shots, a generous amount of text with good explanations of the inner workings and collaborations of the various teams A fun quick read, I was able to complete in a hour or two Delightful description of the artistic process Solid 3 stars. This book would have been SO much better if instead of making the bulk of the book into a Lion King storybook the contents of the Afterword had been the main text content of the book That s where all the making of info is located, and I d have liked so muchdetail, defined sections, e.t.c that being said, this is still a beautiful book Really covers all the beauty in everything we love about the movie.