Read kindle The Perpetual Tourist, In Search of a Swiss RoleAuthor Paul Bilton –

Would You Believe That Even In Well Ordered Switzerland, Adventure Lies At Every Corner And Fun Can Be Found In The Everyday And Humor In The Unexpected Rather Than Be Just Another Immigrant, Paul Bilton Prefers To See Himself As A Perpetual Tourist His Book Is A Diary That Gives A Terrific Inside View Of Swiss Life In A Very Entertaining Way Paul Is An Englishman Married To A Swiss And Going Through The Initial Adjustments Of Living And Finding A Job He Reveals The Pleasures And Pitfal Ls Of Moving Across Cultural Borders The Lifestyles Of The British And The Swiss Have Never Been Compared With Such Wit And Insight As He Keeps Notes To Write Home About He Claims The British Look For Humor In Everything, The Swiss Are Brought Up Not To Expect It Great For Culture Shock Getting It, Not Curing It