download Textbooks Shelby's Expedition to Mexico: An Unwritten Leaf of the WarAuthor John N. Edwards –

Confederate General Joseph O Shelby And His Legendary Iron Brigade Refused To Acknowledge Lee S Surrender At Appomattox Instead, They Fought Their Way To Mexico In Search Of A Place Where They Could Continue To Defy The United States Government These Veteran Missouri Calvarymen Clawed Their Way For Fifteen Hundred Miles, Fighting Juaristas, Indians, Desperados, And Disgruntled Gringos Never Defeated, They Disbanded Only When The Emperor Maximilian The Austrian Pretender To An Illusory Mexican Throne Declined Their Services Shelby S Adjutant, Journalist John N Edwards, Recorded The Exploits Of This Superb Mounted Brigade And Its Quixotic Final MarchThis Stirring Adventure Tale And Gem Of Lost Cause Literature Was First Published InAnd Except For ACollectors Edition Has Been Out Of Print For Than A Century Conger Beasley Has Written An Appropriately Lively Introduction Which Includes The First Biographical Sketch Of The Author He Has Also Annotated The Text To Identify People, Places, And Events

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    About an interesting episode of the civil war where ex confederates went to Mexico This book is written like a novel, although I believe the facts are true.