read online pdf Lawyers' Poker: 52 Lessons that Lawyers Can Learn from Card PlayersAuthor Steven Lubet –

Great Poker Players Are Master Tacticians Not Only Do They Calculate Odds With Lightning Speed And Astonishing Precision, But They Also Cunningly Anticipate And Manipulate The Actions Of Their Adversaries In Short, They Boast Skills That Every Lawyer Can Envy This Highly Entertaining Work Might Best Be Summed Up As Better Lawyering Through Poker Steven Lubet Shows Exactly How The Tactics Of The Poker Table Can Be Adapted To Litigation, Negotiation, And Virtually Every Aspect Of Law Practice In A Series Of Engaging And Informative Lessons, Lubet Describes Concepts Like Betting For Value, Slow Playing, And Reverse Bluffing, And Explains How They Can Be Used By Lawyers To Win Their Cases The Best Card Players, Like The Best Lawyers, Have A Knack For Getting Their Adversaries To React Exactly As They Want, And That Talent Separates The Winners From The Losers Lawyers Poker Is An Irresistible Guide To Successful Lawyering And An Enjoyable Read For Anyone With An Interest In Law No Poker Knowledge Required