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I really liked this book It was a nice diversion from the Pilcher books that I hope to mimic The only thing missing was the sea The story of Kate Rendelsham Just Jack was beautiful I was taken in looking forward toI was so relieved when Harriet found her benedictine father I also enjoyed the mending of Joanna Harriet s relationship Pretty good book I ll try another It s easy to see why Sheepshanks books are on Pilcher s bookcase.Ok, finished this book 2 days ago and I m still thinking about it I m reading 2 new books, but this book won t leave my mind It s lingering and my thoughts drift to The Observatory. Kate Is In Her Fifties, Recently Widowed, And Coping With The Difficulties And Occasional Pleasures Of Flying Solo But When Her Daughter Joanna S Husband Walks Out, And Joanna Instantly Assumes That Kate Will Step Into The Supporting Granny Role While She Goes Career And Man Hunting, Kate Realizes It Is Time To Step Outside Her Family S Preconceived Expectations With Devastating Results What Follows Is A Delightful Story Of The Relationships And Unspoken Power Struggles Between Four Generations Of Women A romance of sorts, very Brit cosy light read think Older Chick Lit Interesting, well developed story of 50 something recent widow of a less than thrilling man who, finally, finds true love and discovers her own self along the way With a true mixed bag of supporting characters, all very British, and many side observations that can be viewed as either interesting or annoying, depending on your mood views Might get heavy for American readers, but still worthy it enough.I tried her other novels afterwards but found them closer to annoying than interesting At a recent used book sale I picked up this book due to the Rosamunde Pilcher s Bookshelf label and introduction I love her books though she is no longer writing and also the ones by her son Robin Pilcher which are similar in style I hope this will be an indicater that this book will be one I will enjoy also.More to follow.WD I ve been enjoying the mother daughter relationship aspect in the bookand seeing how the main character steps out and begins a career in her 50 s Somewhat of a surprised and happy endingbut you have to wade through a lot of bumpy relational drama It did remind me of Rosamunde Pilcher books, though. I really enjoyed this book The main character Kate Rendlesham did a lot of growing as a person during the book but then she needed to She had let other people use and control her for far too many years. This is a pleasant book, not earth shattering but just enough to enjoy if you want something light and easy I enjoyed it. This author is on the Rosamunde Pilcher Bookshelf Apparently Roz has given the nod to a selection of authors novels that are worth a read This one was fun, but it wasn t as good as Roz s best. This is good airplane reading stuff She writes like Maeve Binchy. An enjoyable novel featuring a four generation family, with the grandmother being the main protagonist Excellent characters and a clear, gentle plot with many interesting sub plots Recommended.