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Excellent read, but it was a bit difficult keeping all the players straight The POV kept changing, sometimes as often as every paragraph Really enjoyed the storyline and all the backstabbing I hadn t visited with Cotton Malone since THE ALEXANDRIA LINK, and really shouldn t stay away so long. Cotton Malone I just love these books Cotton is amazing You learn something about history and the world and it s super exciting And this book was just as great as the others BUT there was a bit too much Pirate stuff in there It was just too much There are also too many people telling the story we have 5 POVs And sometimes Steve just drones on and on about things I wasn t interested in BUT, I also still loved the book I love Cotton and Cass together and the last 150 pages were really exciting Looking forward to book 8 no idea when I ll have the time though Four United States Presidents Have Been Assassinated In , And Each Murder Seemingly Unrelated And Separated By TimeBut What If Those Presidents Were All Killed For The Same Reason A Clause In The United States Constitution Contained Within Article , Section That Would Shock Americans This Question Is What Faces Former Justice Department Operative Cotton Malone In His Latest Adventure When A Bold Assassination Attempt Is Made Against President Danny Daniels In The Heart Of Manhattan, Malone Risks His Life To Foil The Killing Only To Find Himself At Dangerous Odds With The Commonwealth, A Secret Society Of Pirates First Assembled During The American Revolution In Their Most Perilous Exploit Yet, Malone And Cassiopeia Vitt Race Across The Nation And Take To The High Seas Along The Way They Break A Secret Cipher Originally Possessed By Thomas Jefferson, Unravel A Mystery Concocted By Andrew Jackson, And Unearth A Centuries Old Document Forged By The Founding Fathers Themselves, One Powerful Enough Thanks To That Clause In The Constitution To Make The Commonwealth Unstoppable Ugh I sometimes often wonder how my opinion of a particular book differs so radically from the mainstream view Different tastes, I guess Anyway, no I really didn t like this book at all It irritated me no end This is one of those DaVinci genre books, complete with all the trimmings a dark historical secret, a secret group of men that exists to this day, a coded message that no one can break, droppings of historical interest here and there in this case, the history of piracy which doesn t interest me one bit , etc Been there, done that and done much better by others, I might add Each addition to the genre gets weirder and stranger, as we have here The whole historical thing in this book is rather far fetched and overwrought Simply put, it s not believable And as a reader, I can take only so much suspension of belief here, I have to commit to a bizarre and totally unreasonable premise and I obviously have trouble doing that I can t enjoy a book that makes me feel stupid for believing in it.There is no repeat NO character development here pure unadulterated plot Now I can take that sometimes, but not here I enjoy it when the plot itself is craftily done, and the phrasing etc builds to suspense Here, Berry has cheaped out each chapter is full of short little one, two or three paragraph jumps from one scene of action to the next Jumpy jumpy, let me tell ya And each little jump ends with a 1920s style cliff hanger one after another I found this distracting and annoying, not suspenseful So, halfway through it got the axe. I have always enjoyed Steve Berry s style of fast paced writing, he keeps the story moving along really well I did, however, struggle a little with this entry in the Cotton Malone series, as it is not so much an adventure this time around as a struggle to protect the President from an historical threat that had extended its grasp from the past into the present I found that it didn t capture my attention and I did find my interest waning I hope that the next instalment revitalises my love of this series. Not as entertaining a book as I am used to from Berry, but still a great effort The book examines the presidential assassinations and how they all tie together, through an underground group, The Commonwealth.Berry also examines the world of pirates and privateers in this latest edition of the Cotton Malone series Malone stays on this side of the Atlantic and pits him against this underground group and his nemesis from the short story The Devil s Gold.The storyline did drag a little at times, but I thoroughly enjoyed the CANADIAN content Berry uses to keep the historical accuracy. As always, Steve Berry spins one hell of a yarn For this book, Berry has set his story inside the U.S and involves the earliest years of the country, when there was no military Instead the founding fathers offered letters of mark to four individuals either privateers or pirates, depending who you talk to who could bedevil the young America s enemies on behalf of the government In return, they are promised immunity from any prosecution, and the right to keep most of the spoils they acquire, inperpetuity.But some years later, there is an attempt on the current President s life, and the government decides not to honour the letters of mark, and Thomas Jefferson creates an unbreakable code that hides the location of the pages that validate the claim of the privateers for than a hundred years But most Presidents in the intervening years leave the privateers now calling themselves the Commonwealth alone to make their money The exceptions are the four Presidents who refused, and who were assassinated.The current President, Danny Daniels is also inclined to prosecute the Commonwealth, so an attempt is made on his life But Daniels has an ace in the hole, because he has Cotton Malone.What follows is a race between Malone and the Commonwealth to break Jefferson s code, find the missing pages, and determine who wins It s a rip roaring ride, and Berry does what he is a master at combinine real life people and events with a great fictional plot There s tons of excitement and drama and thrilling crises There are also the variety of great characters that Berry is so good at creating.I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone who likes mystery thrillers or American history. Steve Berry s The Jefferson Key, mixes history and fiction to produce a story that is interesting and intriguing.Cotton Malone, former Justice Dept operative, is summoned to New York only to be caught up in an attempt on the President s life He manages to stop the assassination and realizes that he had been set up to take the blame if it succeeded.The story begins with an attempt on Andrew Jackson s life after he informed a group of pirates or privateers, that their services were no longer desired by the United States He removes the groups letter of marque and establishes a code which would enable the group to remove the President s condemnation of their acts.Jonathan Wyatt, a rogue agent, has a grudge against Cotton Malone and tries to implicate Malone in the actions against the President.The society of privateers is known as The Commonwealth and led by Quinten Hale They steal from enemies of the United States and sell their goods on the black market This group has a major role in the four Presidents who have been assassinated.There is plenty of action and political maneuvering with characters who are so real that they could be taken from the front pages of the daily newspapers.The plot is somewhat like The Da Vinci Code, in that there is a race to see who would solve the mystery of where the code is hidden and the ability to solve it.Steve Berry is at the height of his powers as a writer of political fiction and this novel demonstrates a new view of history that is fascinating. This book started out good I was really enjoying it and planned to read the rest of the series, thenThe action middle of the book has too many characters doing too many things at once The text skips around so fast you can t follow what is going on with any one character for very long Even in the center of the character s story, there are single sentences that don t fit with the narrative just popped in.Thenit seems like there is some challenge out there for writers to write the most demented scenes with the most graphic torture immaginable Stever Berry probably wins the contest There really is no point in thinking up hugely horrible torture scenes, average horrible torture scenes work just fine for an action novel.The female characters are stongly incompetent That part was really frustrating I am super woman I can make this rescue all on my own Then men around me agree because I am so good Oh, woops, I blundered and now that other formerly stong female character is being dismembered before my eyes Uhg. Steve Berry is a bright guy who writes thrillers that are great for people with attention deficit You get to change location and subject every couple of paragraphs Wild global ping pong kinda stuff When you get to the end, you think well, that was sure a nice ride, but I have no idea what I just read Speaking of rides, best damn scene in the whole book is the motorcycle ride down the stairway of a fancy hotel