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I received this book for free as an ePub edition from the author Thanks, Michael I just finished reading it, and I have to say, I really enjoyed this book The story starts out with some history, a tale about pirates and sunken treasure Then it is modern day, and we are joining Jack, Portia and Sandy on their quest to find this treasure As the title says, there is sex and love, each person searching their own heart to discover the difference between the two Each person also must learn lessons about trust, as they need to work together to find the treasure, and to sail their boat as a team Thrown into the mix is a hurricane this book has everything to keep you on the edge of your seat A wild ride on the high seas, and a happy ending too all in all a very good read When Jack O Connor Learns That The Piece Of Eight He Found Diving Is A Clue To Sunken Pirate Treasure, He Hopes It Will Be The Answer To All His Financial Worries The Problem Is, There Are Two Other Clues To The Treasure S Whereabouts Portia Pennington And Sandy Sequoia Two Young Women With Their Own Dark Secrets Each Holds One Of The Other Clues Necessary To Locate The Hoard Of Lost Doubloons Jack Unites The Three Misfit Adventurers And In Defiance Of The Pirate S Curse, They Go In Search Of The Treasure But They Will Have To Learn To Trust One Another And Work Together If They Expect To Find The Gold And Survive The Hurricane Of The Century A Breeze Compared To Opening Their Hearts To Each Other What a refreshing read I had this book far too long before committing to reading it, it s pretty short so I breezed through once I did start it At first I was a little intimidated by the sailing terms but after a couple of chapters it was easy to catch on The characters were well thought out and all had their own story to tie into the overall experience which I enjoyed plus they had great personalities Of course, a treasure hunting adventure is always exciting and when you add in a possible curse you ve got a great combination I would have liked for the romance side of it to have been either involved or less, it was a key part of the story but felt kind of smooshed in and a little awkward Nonetheless it tied together well and was an enjoyable read, a great weekend or beach book I purchased this book today and wasn t able to put it down at all well, just once to eat dinner I really enjoy a good treasure hunt type of book that includes outrunning a monstrous storm, in this case Hurricane Andrew, love, lies, betrayal and redemption Definitely a great book Enjoy your trip in the calm waters of the Caribbean before the storm. I found this to be an exhilarating thrill ride that kept me glued to the page It has all the elements of an excellent summer beach read tropical scenery, sexy women and buff sailors There is a great treasure hunting mystery that is complicated by a love triangle and a killer hurricane This story moves very briskly and you will miss it when you find yourself on the last page I wish all my books were this good I won this book from Goodreads It was a fast, easy read although it was a bit too in depth related to sailing terms for a landlubber such as myself It was a good story, giving sex love, trust betrayal as promised in the title, and the characters were very interesting. A fun little read of a movie novelization Lots of sailing, romance, and intrigue. Let me begin by saying that this is a different kind of book than I would usually read, but I am always looking for something a little bit different to read now and then And this one certainly fit the bill.I have never been a pirate fan, but I was somewhat intrigued with the history that was central to the adventure I found Jack a likable person although I grew tired of his bedroom capers Thankfully, none of his bedroom antics were told in detail.Portia and Sandy were fascinating characters I could have done without the brief homosexual interlude, but I understand why that avenue was pursued I felt it was woven into the framework of the story and made sense, but I am never a fan of those kinds of scenes.I also did not enjoy the profanity scattered throughout the story I am not saying it was absolutely horrific I ve read much worse At least the author only had it in dialogue rather than nouns and verbs throughout the narrative But I did feel some of it was not necessary Again, just my opinino.Lest you think I did not like the book, let me extol what I enjoyed about the story The author has a very readable style Even when I couldn t understand the nautical terms that were used I still get confused between port and starboard I identified with many of Portia s failings , it did not spoil the story for me I found that I was able to escape to the world of the high seas and treasure hunting through the author s words The adventure never let up, and I was not sure what the ending would hold It made we want to keep reading.I also thought that the three main characters were developed extremely well They were definitely three dimensional characters, and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy that in a novel The characters had to tackle real issues from drugs, to sex, to feelings of worthlessness I think everyone would be able to identify with one of the characters ot a degree I have to say that I found the ending a bit of a let down I know I am a romantic, and I like happy ending, but I also am a realist The ending seemed a little rushed, and too many loose ends were not tied up But that s just me, More thank likely, the vast majority of people will find the end very satisfying.I could honestly recommend this to lovers of pirate stories, adventure stories, and just for a change of pace It is a fast read, for the most part, and as long as the issues which I have pointed out do not bother or offend you, I think you will findthis read worth while.The author sent me a free copy of his book in exchange for my honest review I was not financially compensated in any way, and all opinions are 100 percent mine. Argh Thar be pirates I had to add a new tag to my shelves I want to read again Yes, the story is that great But there is a lot of nautical jargon I had no idea what those terms meant They didn t prevent me from enjoying the book They made me want to know So the next time I read it, I plan to have pictures of boat parts and some kind of nautical dictionary to get a better feel I felt I was onboard Is there a sailing for dummies out there I ll have to look for it.Michael Reed McLaughlin built believable characters I think I could label this as Jack Sparrow meets Stranger in a Strange Land I applaud the courage of love that Mr McLaughlin integrates.I am trying very hard not to throw any spoilers in this review I don t think there needs to be a sequel, but I already miss the characters I wish to see the growth that could happen.Thank you, Michael, for the opportunity to read your great book