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An absolutely brilliant book,not just for the macabre side of the subject.it covers the lives and careers of well known and not so well known film stars.it gives voice to some minor stars ie character actors who might not otherwise have been heard of otherwise.the only thing this might prove to those nowadays wanting instant fame,unless you are one of the few who make it and stay there it is a downward slide to obscurity.money and fame without real friends and family is an empty void,today s young wannabes should first read a book like this for abject lessons in life.onthe plus side it is not a book written in a salacious manner as in Kenneth angers book hollywood Babylon,there seems to be a sympathetic tone by the author in writing this book with just a hint of pathos. Rebel Without A Causewas One Of The Most Talked About Movies Of The S It Might Also Have Been The Most Jinxed Among Its Stars, James Dean Was Soon Killed In A Car Crash, Sal Mineo Died Several Years Later, Murdered By An Unknown Assailant, And The Beautiful Natalie Wood Died Mysteriously When She Fell From A Docked Pleasure Boat And Drowned This Heavily Illustrated Book Recounts These And Many Other Tragic Events That Have Haunted The Hollywood Movie Community From Its Early Twentieth Century Beginnings To The Present Day Here Are Accounts Of The Sudden, Premature Deaths Of Stars Like Rudolph Valentino, Montgomery Clift, And Peter Sellers Here Too Are Stories About Celebrities Who Died Young Because Of Alcohol Or Drug Related Problems John Belushi And Elvis Presley Among Many Others And Of The Tragic Murder Of Comedian Phil Hartman Car Wrecks, Plane Crashes, And Other Deadly Accidents Sent Jayne Mansfield, Grace Kelly, And Carole Lombard, To Untimely Deaths, And Accidents Occurring During Film Production Have Taken Several Lives, Perhaps The Most Dramatic Being The Helicopter Crash That Killed Vic Morrow In The Tragic Stories Of Many Hollywood Personalities Are Told In Cut , The Definitive Volume On The Fleeting Lives Of Movie Celebrities, Some Of Whom Became Famous In Death Than They Had Been In Life Hundreds Of Photos, Many In Color Lots of celebrities lots of information, but the formulaic entries 1 or 2 photos, some biographical background, some career highlights, circumstances of death don t make for an engrossing cover to cover read. While overall I thought this book did a good job of giving a detailed if brief biography of each Hollywood celebrity who died for reasons other than simple old age, there was one glaring error that drove me a bit nuts The first time I saw it, I passed it off as just a mistake, but when it appeared TWICE, it was clear that the author was wrong.It had to do with Heather O Rourke, the little blonde girl who played Carol Anne in the film Poltergeist Her information was correct as far as I know but the picture that accompanied her bio was wrong She wasn t in the picture at all, but the boy who played her brother, Oliver Robins, was In a later chapter, which listed films that seemed to experience curses or deaths while in production, again, used the same photo and credited O Rourke Seriously, Robins didn t look remotely like O Rourke who knew that 91 out of the 220 people involved with the 1956 film the conqueror developed cancer i wish i could have written this book it s all about the deaths of movie stars it would have been mediocre if it just presented the facts thankfully, the authors chose to include rumors and myths sparked by celebrity deaths, as well as a passage about why we as a culture as obsessed with them best of all, the writing has a certain cinematic presence about it. I m not sure why I bought this book, and most of my problems with it don t really have to do with the writing involved, but the concept of the book itself First of all, reading an entire book about death becomes depressing Second of all, so many of these deaths are so similar or the stories behind them seem so similar that it becomes somewhat monotonous Finally, there s not enough space for the interesting stories to really get the treatment they deserve. Very thorough book going through the lives and deaths of movie stars of old and recent Very illuminating I learned a lot about actors Some of the deaths are pretty horrifying, but I mainly liked the book due to the back stories of the players who was married to who, who had famous kids, etc The pictures are great too. A bit gruesome and grim, this is a book a book recounting, in small obituary type pieces, the deaths of Hollywood actors and actresses Whether by foul play, natural causes, accidents or suicide, this gives all the details. Great pictures, short vignettes of Hollywood actors going back to the silent movie days Basically how they died and often where they re interred Fascinating. Kind of a rewind of Hollywood Babylon.